Working at Medica


Medica believes in providing a high quality benefit program, containing a variety of affordable benefit options, to meet the diverse needs of employees and their families. The following are Medica's current benefit choices:

Insurance: Medical, Dental & Vision

  • Medica offers 4 different medical plans to choose from with various network options.
  • When you enroll in our insurance plans, your dependents are also eligible to participate. Your dependents include your spouse, domestic partner, dependent children and children of your domestic partner up to age 26.

Life Insurance & Long-Term Disability

  • Employee life insurance provides a tax-free benefit to your survivors if you, your spouse, domestic partner, or your children die while covered by this plan.
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD) continues a portion of your base salary if you are unable to work due to an injury or an extended illness. You may be eligible for LTD benefits if you have been totally disabled for 90 calendar days.

Medica Holidays & Paid Time Off

  • Medica observes eight (8) paid holidays per calendar year. These holidays include: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Benefit eligible employees working less than 40 hours will receive adjusted holiday pay based on hours scheduled to work.
  • In addition to the holidays listed above, all benefit-eligible employees also receive a floating holiday.
  • Medica provides Paid Time Off (PTO) for benefit eligible employees. PTO consolidates both traditional days off (sick and vacation) into a single bank of paid leave time.

Retirement Plans

  • Benefit eligible employees may contribute 1 to 25% of eligible pay as pre-tax and/or Roth contributions.
  • Employees are eligible to start contributing immediately via payroll deductions with immediate vesting in the employer contribution.
  • There are two employer matching features:
    • Voluntary (each pay period): Max 4% employer match — employee must contribute 5% in order to maximize the employer match; immediate vesting.
    • Automatic: Annual contribution (contribution percentage is based on eligible years of service); 3 year cliff vesting. Employees are eligible if they are actively employed or on an approved leave of absence on the last day of the Plan Year.

Personalized Services

  • Medica responds to your needs more than any other health plan. We provide personalized services, resources and support to help you improve your health and make the most of your benefits. These services include, but are not limited to:
    • Health Club Reimbursement Program
    • Health Rewards Program
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • 24-Hour Nurse Line
    • Mainstreet Medica: where you can look up cost ranges for common procedures and can find doctor-specific cost and quality information.
    • Smoking Cessation Program.

Tuition Reimbursement

  • Medica offers tuition reimbursement to employees who are regularly scheduled to work twenty (20) or more hours per week. All employees must be employed for at least ninety (90) days before they are eligible to participate in the tuition reimbursement program. Actual reimbursement is based on prior approval by both manager and HR.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

  • The Dependent Care Reimbursement Account is a flexible spending account and offers tax savings on money you set aside for day care expenses for an eligible dependent.


  • MetLaw covers any consultation you have by phone or in person with an attorney in its network. It's an indispensable benefit to have when you encounter the legal issues that can arise when you get married, have a baby, adopt a child, prepare a will, buy or sell your home or lose a spouse or parent.


  • As an employee of Medica, you have access to the MetLife Auto & Home's group insurance program that comes with special savings, outstanding service, and a wide range of policies to suite your needs.